MoreTeekay, a digital marketing agency

Hi there, welcome to my digital bubble !

Let’s start with the Who

My name is Teekay Merah and I’m a 20-something Digital Marketer and Social Media expert.

The When

Do MySpace, Hi5 and Friendster count ?

On a more serious note, I’ve been working in Social Media and Digital Marketing to some extent for more than 7 years. With that being said, my career as a freelance has officially begun 18 months ago, and it’s been quite a ride thus far!

The How

Long story short, I worked for several companies, but I quickly realized 9 to 5 wasn’t for me, so I decided to build this thing here and get the ball rolling.

A kind reminder that when things don’t go right, go left. Status quo is the enemy of progress and growth.

The What

This used to be my professional website, but it quickly became some sort of online diary and personal portfolio.

But here’s what I actually do for a living:

Digital Marketing consulting

My passion and business is to provide feature-rich, innovative digital marketing strategies that drive business growth through online channels to businesses across all categories (unless our values don’t align).

Sounds fun, doesn’t it ?

It actually is. I love what I do but what I love even more is being useful and having a purposeful job.

I like to think that I hold myself to high standards of technical and creative excellence.

My clients can expect great services through an experienced and well-rounded expert. Professionalism and a great human interaction, regardless of the size or scope of your project, are always at the heart of my exchanges.

Social Media Marketing

A company’s social presence says a lot about the business in question. It paints a picture about how the brand is run and handled. This is especially relevant if your target market are millenials and Gen Zers.

Without the right management (and tools), businesses end up unknowingly conveying the wrong message to their fans and prospects. Averting such hiccups is my job.

I’ve helped numerous brands, in different niches,  establish and kickstart their social media campaigns. Always through tailored approaches, the ultimate goal of my service is to enhance their online presence, drive more traffic and subliminally increase sales.

Depending on the project, my services include content creation and day-to-day campaign management, through and across different platforms, namely Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Finding the most relevant social media platform and strategy for a business is almost as important as the business itself nowadays.

And given how things are run today, most business will never reach their stride without the right SM strategy.

Content Creation

The right content for the right public.

People are increasingly connected to their devices. They spend more time consuming digital content than ever before.

Aside from Data, content is king in the modern age. That being so, it can no longer be treated as a commodity as it’s become a vital connection between brands and customers.

One of the most powerful assets in business nowadays is the understanding of existing customers and potential leads.

That’s where my job comes in. As a progressive Online Marketing consultant, my duty is to continuously reinvent myself and be a trendsetter in terms of content. 

The Where

Currently based in Bordeaux, France, I work remotely from pretty much everywhere.

Here are my socials if you want to connect: LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest &  Instagram.

Listen to my podcast (available across all platforms): Clarity with Teekay.

Discover my high-end, earth-friendly and minimalist clothing brand: TKAY Clothing Co.

It doesn’t always have to be about business, it just has to make sense.

Speak soon.