2020 is all about new challenges, or is it?

Have you ever heard a word so much that it lost its meaning ?

It’s actually called “semantic satiation“. It’s a psychological phenomenon in which repetition causes a word or phrase to temporarily lose meaning for the listener, cool, right ?

Challenge” is that word for me. Any phrase that contains that word is kinda cringe for me.

Here’s why.

In a society where everyone’s talking about “challenging themselves”, I’m here to say that I actually HATE that idea and what it brings with it.

I don’t like new challenges. Periodt.

I love going at the same challenges again and again, that’s how you get better in the first place. I love finding new ways to tacle those challenges, I love finding creative ideas to move those mountains.

Here’s a cool analogy: I’d rather climb ONE mountain than visit the base of 10 different ones.

That’s how I see new challenges.

Obviously, people with contradictory personalities (you’re dismissed) will say or secretly think “but you can climb 10 different mountains”, which is true but beside the point.

I love diving deep into something and working my way up, hence why I avoid new challenges.

When you get familiar with a challenge and learn the ins and outs of why it’s been challenging for so long, you become the master of that challenge. That’s when creativity kicks in, that’s how you get better !

That being said, I’m fluent in 6 different and challenging languages and have a handful of diplomas in several fields, so please don’t mistake what I’m saying for an excuse to become an underachiever, on the contrary, it’s about optimising one’s energy and outperforming your past self !

Still, I know it’s trendy to talk about challenges and challenging oneself and that’s fine, just stop 🛑 talking about this like it’s the only way to succeed, because it’s not.

New challenges mean new problems, new challenges mean you have to restart everything from scratch, every time. It’s fun at first but then it gets old.

Oh and, while we’re at it, I HATE discomfort, too. “Life happens when you leave your comfort zone”, really ?


When did comfort become synonymous with failure? Where’s that coming from?

Yes, a challenging life will forge your character and probably make you stronger, but nobody really chooses to have a challenging life in the first place, ain’t nobody chasing poverty and sickness as far as I know.

Let’s be honest, difficult situations have broke more people than they’ve made heroes, so please stop romanticizing “struggle”, it’s the worst !

Back to comfort.

Comfort and staying within your comfort zone won’t make you any less of a successful person, trust me, I know !

Check this: being in my bubble, which for instance can be working in the comfort of my HOME office, makes me a million times more productive and active than, say, working on site. Same goes for when I’m reading a book, or working on a random project.

Why ?

Because I don’t like being around people much, and despite having no problems connecting and chatting up strangers, that’s not where I go to be productive. I still do it when I have to, but that’s not always because I chose to.

Having to work around others usually means half of my energy will go into trying to find comfort, which leaves only half of my energy for actual work. Counterproductive, innit ?

On the other hand, being in my COMFORT ZONE makes me more creative, more chill and most importantly MORE FOCUSED. That’s how you get great results !

Anyway, I don’t know what you guys think, perhaps there’s something I haven’t unlocked yet, feel free to drop me a line, would be cool to have other people tune into this.

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