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22 Amazing TV Series To Watch

As a cinephile and a binge-watching machine, this list is long overdue. But we’re here now, so let’s cut right to the chase.

1. Prison Break

Prison Break

Release date : August 29, 2005

Number of seasons : 5

A tense thriller, action-filled, ridden with suspens, wit and brotherly-love, the show follows two brothers, Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield in and out of prison. Michael’s mission is to establish justice by saving Linc from prison, but that obviously won’t happen overnight or maybe never.

To attain his goal, Michael starts with meticulously planning every move to get in and out of fox river. He then proceeds to rob a bank with the intention of getting caught so he can be sent to Fox River penitentiary in Illinois, where Linc awaits execution.

Prison Break is a generational phenomenon and probably the best TV Series you’ll ever watch. It’ll leave you at the edge of your seat all throughout, triggering things in your body and mind you never thought possible.

It simply is the best TV Series of all time, and by some distance.

Grade : 10/10

2. Smith

Smith Tv Series

Release date : September 19, 2006

Number of seasons : 1

Created by John Wells and with Ray Liota as a leading actor, Smith is a show that follows a group of professional robbers who struggle to keep their work separate from the rest of their lives.

Each episode portrays a heist or preparation for other jobs the thieves plan to undertake.

The TV series got canceled after 8 episodes only. However, I can’t help but watch them over and over again, with the same excitement and the same disappointment at the end, and I will gladly rank it second on my list.

P.S.: Given how difficult it is to find it online, here’s a link to the pilot of the series.

Grade : 9.5/10

3. Dexter

Dexter Morgan on Showtime

Release date : October 1, 2006

Number of seasons : 8

Dexter Morgan is one of TV’s most iconic characters. Portrayed by Michael C. Hall, the charismatic blood pattern analyst is utterly intriguing and unequivocally fascinating.

While investigating murders in the homicide division of Miami by day, Dexter hunts and kills murderers who have escaped the justice system by night.

The show is addictive and represents a moral dilemma for his sympathizers.

Grade : 9/10

4. La Casa de Papel (Money Heist)

La Casa de Paper season 3

Release date : May 2, 2017

Number of seasons : 4

“The Professor”, a criminal mastermind has a plan to pull off the biggest heist in recorded history.

To do so, he recruits eight people with certain abilities and with nothing to lose. The series, which takes place in Madrid, is filled with suspens, drama and action.

Will the genius of The Professor and his ambitious plan work ?

The 3rd season came out this summer, however, despite the great work behind it, the ending was too abrupt which caused a lot of disappointment and a meltdown amongst fans on Twitter.

One of the best TV Series to come out of Spain nonetheless.

Grade : 9/10

5. Las Vegas

Las Vegas tv series

Release date : September 22, 2003

Number of seasons : 5

Las Vegas focused on a team of people working at the fictional Montecito Resort and Casino. The team dealt with issues that arose within the Casino, with the focus being on restaurant and event management, casino security and such.

I grew up watching Las Vegas as a kid. I’ve seen the series several times now, and I simply can’t get enough of learning the ins and outs of the casino business.

Las Vegas shaped my thinking as a kid. It sort of made me more ambitious, allowed me to look at things differently and always aim higher.

The characters weren’t as complex as you’d want them, but they certainly were endearing and very engaging.

Grade : 9/10

6. How I Met Your Mother


Release date : September 19, 2005

Number of seasons : 9 of bliss

My used-to-be bestfriend got me into it in what I reckon was the best gift he’s ever given me.

Love is a funny thing. HIMYM is the perfect depiction of that.

The characters of this TV Series are outstanding and relatable. With New York City in the background, Ted, the main character, will incessantly look for the love of his life.

With his best-friend Marshall on one side and Barney, his other rather creative but really resourceful and funny best-friend on the other, Ted will take you through all the encounters he made before finding “The One”.

The Series is voiced-over by Bob Saget who tells the story through flashbacks.

Definitely my favorite sitcom of all-time, HIMYM is a series for the culture.

Grade : 9.5/10

7. Narcos

Narcos on Netflix

Release date : August 28, 2015

Number of seasons : 5

Narcos was a challenge for Netflix. With most of their subscribers consuming English content only, making a Spanish-language television drama in 2015 with foreign actors unknown to the American public at the time was a gamble.

Furthermore, Netflix decided to shoot the series in Colombia, a country not known for hosting big Hollywood productions.

It is safe to say that Narcos took Netflix to a whole other level in terms of international exposure.

The first couple of seasons follow Pablo Escobar, the biggest drug lord in history and a genius entrepreneur. It is one of the most addictive TV Series ever, and once again represents a moral dilemma for Pablo’s sympathizers and fans.

I give it an 8 because the fourth season was really disappointing. The first two are a perfect 10 though.

Grade : 8

8. House M.D.

Dr. House

Release date : November 16, 2004

Number of seasons : 8

Dr. House is a genius and a brilliant diagnostician who recognizes subtle patterns and connections to establish his diagnosis.

The character is simply crazy, in a good way. He’s also in constant pain, which explains (partly) why he’s a constant pain in a** (to his staff).

His story is sad, but the ending is amazing, and I honestly couldn’t stop watching the series once I got started.

House uses his team as both a sounding board and a distraction from his pain.  By letting his conscious mind focus on analyzing his team and sarcastically targeting their hypocrisies, his subconscious mind can detect the necessary connections between the data and symptoms, hence reaching a diagnosis.

House is super captivating, start at your own risk.

Grade : 9/10

9. Vikings

Vikings on prime

Release date : March 3, 2013

Number of seasons : 6

Vikings follows the infamous Ragnar Lothbrok, a young farmer and family man turned King of Kings. The series is loosely based of true events and real life historical figures.

Ragnar is a disruptive hero who hates Status Quo. He’s also a thinker and a true fighter. Ragnar is mostly famous for being the first Norseman to have crossed the Atlantic Ocean, heading west in a quest for knowledge, wealth and discovery.

The depiction of the characters is insanely good. The plot, the display of viking traditions and everything in between couldn’t have been done better.

Grade : 9/10

10. Marco Polo

Marco Polo on Netflix

Release date : December 12, 2014

Number of seasons : 2

Like Vikings, Marco Polo follows the famous traveler on his journey and adventures, leading him to the court of the great Khan in what is now Beijing.

The series is historical, hence very factual and educational as well as being entertaining.

Grade : 9/10

11. Breakout Kings

Breakout Kings TV Series

Release date : March 6, 2011

Number of seasons : 2

It’s one of these shows you get sucked into without necessarily knowing how or why. The plots in each episode are pretty dope, the characters, mostly the cons, are interesting. There’s a great chemistry between them despite the different backgrounds and stories.

Lovely show, unfortunately it got canceled after 2 seasons.

P.S.: T-Bag is in the first season, definitely the cherry on top for me.

Grade : 8/10

12. Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl TV Series

Release date : September 19, 2007

Number of seasons : 6

I used to live in a foreign country why it first came out, and I can tell you one thing : Gossip Girl definitely put New York on the map back then (as ludicrous as that sounds).

It hit everyone like a cyclone. All the girls were into it, and some dudes too. It was everywhere, and as a teen, all my female friends would talk about was S and B.

Aside from that, a really good show with so many fancy lofts, mansions and whatnot. The characters are amazing and never cease to evolve. The lavish lifestyles and fashion sense in the series is obviously what young teens were all about, but there’s more to the drama in it than just that.

Grade : 8/10

13. Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

Release date : January 20, 2008

Number of seasons : 5

BB was released 11 years ago ! 11 ! It feels like yesterday. One of these shows that also took everyone by storm. T-shirts, posters, halloween costumes, Heisenberg and Jessy were everywhere, and rightly so.

The main protagonists in Breaking Bad are as different as night and day. One is a high school teacher, the other is a high school dropout.

The show focused on Heisenberg’s rise to power and riches and shows exactly what needs to be done to get there.

Season 2 and 3 are definitely the best, with the introduction of Gus and the big bucks coming in play.

Grade : 8/10

14. Ballers


Release date : June 21, 2015

Number of seasons : 6

With Dwayne Johnson as a lead, Ballers HAD to be great, and it was. The series follows an ex football player turned agent and his rise from a just an athlete to being a boss. The story of Dwayne’s character is loosely based on his own story, come to think of it, and it’s not a bad thing, far from it.

The series has a pretty big budget, which translates to really great graphics, lavish lifestyles and an amazing cast.

The fourth season isn’t all that, it lacked what the first 3 had, punch.

Grade : 8/10

15. The People vs O.J. Simpson

OJ Simpson

Release date : February 2, 2016

Number of seasons : 1

Oh man, I love Cuba Gooding Jr. ! This man’s talent could rival with any other actor in Hollywood. He may not be one of those flashy, blockbuster actors but he’s definitely one of the greats.

Anyway, you guessed it, he plays O.J. Simpson in the series, the famous ex football player who allegedly killed his wife back in the 90s. The series retells the whole trial and retraces the facts.

The series is A1, definitely as amazing as you could imagine factual series to be. The resemblance between the actors and the real protagonists is also uncanny. A must-watch.

Grade : 9/10

16. Chernobyl


Release date : June 3rd, 2019

Number of seasons : 1

Chernobyl is a five-hour HBO mini-series that pays homage to the people who perished in the disaster, from the workers who died in the explosion to those who fought to keep it contained to the scientists who spoke up to make sure it didn’t happen again.

Brilliantly structured and anchored by amazing performances from the actors, “Chernobyl” is relentlessly bleak, but it has a remarkable cumulative power.

Interestingly enough, each hour is more impressive than the one before it, which is always a sign of a great series.

Grade : 9.5/10

17. When They See Us


Release date : May 31st, 2019

Number of seasons : 1

When They See Us is a gut-wrenching Netflix mini-series that tells the tale of the Central Park Five.

Directed by the incredibly talented Ava DuVernay, When They See Us is a dramatised account of how five young boys came to be wrongfully arrested, convicted and sentenced for raping and beating almost to death Trisha Meili – “the Central Park jogger” – a young white woman whose poor, battered body was found that same night.

The performances, from the young actors and the veterans alike, are uniformly astonishing. They perfectly captured the innocence, in all senses, of children, and the permanence of its loss.

One of Netflix’s best ever shows.

Grade : 10/10

18. Lost

Lost TV Series

Release date : September 22, 2004

Number of seasons : 6

Lost came out in 2004 and is still talked about till this day ! I was a baby when it first came out but I remember tuning in to each and every episode religiously.

The series follows a group of flight crash survivors on a deserted island, or so they thought. It gets a bit weird towards the end but it’s definitely worth every second of your attention.

I may even watch it again sometime soon.

The production is amazing and the actors are either eye-candy, funny or mysteriously interesting.

Grade : 8/10

19. Black Mirror

Black Mirror

Release date : December 4, 2011

Number of seasons : 4

The first word to come to mind is futuristic. Black Mirror is one of those shows everyone must watch regardless of their preferences. There’s a bit of sci-fi and a lot of imagination within, and is currently one of the most intriguing series to watch on Netflix.

I couldn’t give it a 9 because it got weird towards the end, but it’s still a must-watch and eyeopening on different fronts.

Grade : 8/10

20. Nicky Jam : El Ganador

Nicky Jam El Ganador

Release date : 30 November 2018

Number of seasons : 1

Premiered less than a year ago, El Ganador is an autobiography based on Nicky Jam’s eventful life.

As one of the biggest selling artist in the world right now and a pioneer of Reggaeton, El Ganador lets its viewers in on Nicky’s hardknock life. A very touching and motivational series.

Grade : 8/10

21. The Big Bang Theory


Release date : September 24, 2007

Number of seasons : 12

WIth twelve seasons and the longest run in sitcom history, TBBT is easily one of the most recognized series in the world. Revolving around 4 geeks and Penny, you can catch TBBT on every flight, every airport or hotel room no matter where you are.

I couldn’t explain the success of it, after all on paper it really doesn’t sound as entertaining as so many other series, but it definitely is. Sheldon is obviously the standout character, sarcastic, witty and with zero social skills.

Grade : 8/10

22. Nikita

Nikita TV Series 2010

Release date : September 9, 2010

Number of seasons : 4

An amazing action series, Nikita depicts the story of two female assassins gone rogue. The first couples of seasons are really addictive but then it goes downhill from there.

Nevertheless, the series has made my top 20 because of the quality of the cast and the overall production.

Grade : 7/10

Honorable mentions

I have to add a few other series I really enjoyed watching throughout the years :

Hawaii Five 0, Ozark, True Detective, Elementary, Lie To Me, You, The Fresh Prince of Belair (which is now on Netflix), My Wife and Kids, Two and a Half Men and Mindhunters.

Drop me a line to let me know how you feel about this list.


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