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Becoming a social media strategist in 2019

Online presence is essential for most businesses, and it all begins with Social Media.

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Social media is a powerful tool if used properly. Your community manager is primarily a social media strategist. A good strategist must fully grasp the overall marketing objectives of his clients and/or business.

Here you can find 21 top social media sites to consider for your Brand.

Key qualities of an effective Community Manager

Communication : your community manager is the bridge between the product/service and the world. Open and fluid communication is a must-have quality and is crucial for every community manager.

Strategy : as a community manager, it is important to create a baseline and identify your key influencers. Creating conduits to content that are appropriate for the entry point is key.

Common sense : understanding that the ethnographic profile of YouTube is different from that of LinkedIn or Twitter, per se.

A good strategist will tell you it’s not all about the number of followers you have, it’s rather the quality of the relationships.

Social Media has evolved and is not just a marketing channel anymore. We now have 3 major social channels we need to address : Marketing, Public Relations and Customer Service.

A good social media strategist will understand these channels and will apply the appropriate tactics and engagement based upon the type of communication.

An effective community manager will be open and capable of communicating with a charisma that transcends the keyboard, developing a real and lasting relationship with your community.

Ultimately, a great social media strategist will be an evangelist with a mix of solid technology understanding and the life of the party all rolled into one.

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