Start somewhere

Blogging sucks !

Do you ever feel like the only way to succeed is to pay a bunch of people for a bunch of stuff ?

Let me explain.

I know and have followed a bunch of celebrities who pay top dollar to get more likes and followers.

I’ve also spoken to Vloggers who pay to boost their views on YouTube, who use different inorganic ways (aside from Ads) to drive more traffic and views to their channels.

Ignorance is bliss because seeing these things first hand makes me want to give up sometimes.

Sometimes it feels like these people have reached heights that people like myself might never reach.

The more followers you get, the more opportunities to get paid for what you do, which is influence marketing, however partly fake it all is..

Despite some of the available data and various tools, buying followers and paying for views does have a positive effect on the algorithm and will allow it to push your content anyway, however unethical.

As such, being an honest content creator has become quite frustrating in recent years. Building an organic following and traffic became more complex.

But it’s also become much more fun !


Because nothing worth having comes easy, right ?

Because working hard for what you want makes life way more exciting and fulfilling than having it easy.

What I’m saying is, perhaps your following isn’t growing as fast as you’d hoped, perhaps you consider the amount of work you put in way too consequent in comparison to what you’re getting from it, but the process is what matters for us creators. Some of us will make it, others won’t, the decisive factor here is patience.

Patience means working hard in silence, it also means being consistent and constantly improving.

The opportunity will present itself at some point, however, not many stick around long enough to seize it.

Keep evolving and getting better at what you do, things always work out in the end.

There’s no secret, it’s all about hard work and quality content. 


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