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Free Websites and Apps Every Blogger Must Use

Blogging is fun, but blogging is tiring and quite frustrating at times.

Your first couple of months as a blogger will go by fast, but then comes a brickwall. Visitor count is stagnating, or worse, decreasing, your numbers aren’t as high as you’d expected them to be, especially given the quality of your content and the efforts you’ve put into it. You’re struggling to find new ways to promote your material.

You think you’ve tried everything, perhaps you’re even considering giving up. Don’t.

This article is for everyone starting out, but not just. Perhaps you’ve been in the game for a while, perhaps you think you’ve done everything you could, but you haven’t.

In this post you’ll discover my favorite websites to promote your work and generate more traffic. Some will be obvious, others not so much.

As a content creator primarily and a community manager, my first advice before diving in would be to have enough great content before you proceed to reading all this. Without sharable, informative and entertaining content, none of this will do you any good.

Quality first, strategy second.

Let’s get into it !

Social Media sharing

Your social accounts and connections are a vital part to kickstart your blog. It’s usually the go-to strategy for everyone, especially newbies.

My absolute favorite website/app is Pinterest. Not only is it an ever growing platform, the quality of the leads is much better than its competitors.

Pinterest encourages users to constantly create visuals to promote their content, whether it’s a blog or a product. With about 250 million monthly active users, Pinterest is a search engine on its own.

Nowadays, it is a must for any progressive blogger to be active on there, to constantly refresh their feed with dynamic content, whether it’s theirs or not.

Another tip to grow rapidly on Pinterest is to join Pinterest groups. Groups will offer you more views in shorter spans. More on that further down.

Aside from Pinterest, Facebook is still king, with 2.38 billion monthly active users in 2019 and an astounding amount of groups. Joining groups related to your business will see you grow much faster and will help you connect with your industry leaders.

If your blog is business-related, Twitter and LinkedIn are the best options to acquire quality leads. Building a following on your business page of these two apps will keep you in the loop and help you grow your returning followers count.

Last but not least, Tumblr. Tumblr is a blogging platform in and of itself. Aesthetics are extremely important on Tumblr.


Tailwind is one of those programs you won’t hear about unless you’re both into Pinterest and automation. The app helps users not only share their own content, but also to schedule most of it and automate your posting at the best times.

It’s also the perfect way to join “tribes” and grow you audience.


Buffer, like Hootsuite, is a social media management platform. I prefer Buffer to Hootsuite as it offers a more fluid dashboard and a cleaner preview screen. Hootsuite offers a freemium service and is widely used by media companies, but so is Buffer, just to a lesser extent.

Buffer is a good place to start if you’re new to all this. Just copy your links into it and schedule your next posts on several social accounts for the days to come.

Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool helps marketers keep an eye on what’s trending. It’s easy to use, free of charge, you simply have to type in words related to your niche and it’ll look up the trending topics in your market.

It is greatly helpful if you want to write posts on ongoing issues, trendy topics and such.

Google Analytics

Needless to say, Google Analytics is your best friend and number one site on your bookmarks. Not only does it paint a picture of your audience, it helps you understand your leads, your readers and your demographics, hence guiding you – through numbers – to write for the right audience

Google Analytics is free, doesn’t require too much knowledge and paints the perfect image for your blog, with data.

Google Trends

A mix between Google Analytics and Keyword tool, Trends is a search tool that allows the user to see how often specific keywords, subjects and phrases have been queried over a specific period of time. 

It’s free and could be used to help you communicate and share the right article at the right time.


One of my favorite websites on the internet, I consider Quora to be the cream of the crop of the internet.

With a dedicated community of highly knowledgeable people and so much great and FREE content, Quora is an eldorado of questions on various topics that you could simply join in and share content with.

The more you do it, the better you will get.

Keep in mind, Quora has a moderator that keeps a close eye on the content you share, so don’t spam and get to know the community before you start posting. This applies to every platform on this list.


Reddit has twice as many users as Quora, standing at around 500 million active users.

With that being said, Reddit is very restrictive and more complicated to use than Quora. It certainly isn’t for everyone, however the quality of its leads may be a bit better, depending on your industry and niche market.


Zest is a content-sharing platform. Marketers help each other, follow each other and use the platform to constantly suggest content around marketing.

The platform is awesome, but not easy to access, with so many rules and a strict moderator.


Quuupromote is a content-promotion website.Not well-marketed by any means, Quuu promote is still one of the easiest and perhaps cheapest ways to gain traffic. See what I did there ? I didn’t call it free, I said cheap, because there is no free version of their service, you either pay or you’re out.

I’ve tried it for myself and in a couple of companies I worked with, and I honestly like the results, I just wish they had a freemium service to attract more users.

Drop me a line if you can think of any other free options and I may add them to the list and credit you.

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