Healthy habits to get into and be more successful

Our habits make us or break us. What you do on a daily basis defines you as a person, so pay attention to your routine and keep evolving.

Here you’ll find my current personal Top 10.

  1. Pray on a daily basis. Prayer helps calm our inner demons and allows us to remain focused.
  2. Take pictures whenever you can. You may not understand why today, but a few years down the line, you’ll realize just how important it is.
  3. Take up writing and reading. Writing will help you get everything out, it’s like free therapy. It’ll help you think in difficult situations as well
  4. Exercise. Walk, run, bike, swim, just stay active. Being active is the easiest and cheapest way to being happy and healthy.
  5. Eat healthy. Give up dairy and meat as much as you can. Try and adopt a plant-based diet whenever you can, and always eat and drink in moderation.
  6. Laugh ! There’s no point in being stuck up or sad, things always work out in the end, so have a laugh, it helps release stress hormones.
  7. Make it a habit to meet up with friends every now and then. Don’t wait for them to hit you up, just make that first step and enjoy their company.
  8. Meditate.
  9. Practice positive thinking, especially in difficult situations. Positive thinking can have an immediate and direct effect on one’s wellbeing.
  10. Don’t waste your time on social media and bars. Focus on what really matters, whether it’s family, outdoors activities or art, try and put most of your time and energy unto what you love.

Feel free to drop me a comment with your favorite things to do.


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