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How I turned my passion into a business

Early beginnings.

Growing up, I’ve always loved promotion and advertisement. I envied those kids whose parents had businesses, because despite their great management and experience, I always felt like there was so much to be done to take said businesses to the next level.

On one hand, I’ve always had a vision for bigger things, and although I believe “less is more“, being passionate about what you do makes you want to always do more.

There’s obviously a tad bit of my obsessive nature in there, however I do believe details often make a difference.

The devil is in the details.

Case in point, picture a great Youtube video, something with the type of content that perfectly resonates with you, backed with good editing, great sound and an overall perfect video. Now imagine if said video had a poorly written title and a low quality thumbnail, would you click through ?

Possibly, but you’re likely to scroll past it, because despite all the great work behind it, whether it’s during the shooting, editing, reviewing, something that might seem minor could determine your success.

That’s how I envision advertisement and digital marketing as a whole.

On another hand, I reckon we all seek visibility, whether it’s at a micro or a macro level.

Some of us do it on a personal level, through clothing or what we post online, others do it professionally, through art or in the media.

An apothegm that defines my line of work says “content is king“, but content without distribution and the right promo isn’t worth much in and of itself.

Hence why I started this business.

My passion led me here.

Making the jump.

I don’t have a huge backing or a financial powerhouse behind me, but I do have drive and know-how, and I know for a fact that perseverance and consistency, when combined with knowledge and strategy, pay dividends.

I specialize in content creation and distribution because that’s what I’m good at, and because I love doing it. I also do it because many exceptional businesses spend years improving and polishing their products, but remain with little to no online presence.

The transformation age might’ve been too quick for some, and the generational shift has played its part as well.

Keep on creating.

It’s greatly advisable that one does what one is obsessed with. Passion is drive, passion drives not only success but happiness as well. Don’t mind being a detail-nazi, learn how to live with it and most importantly how to make the best of it.

Previously, I would’ve never put out a post without it being extremely well-written, with hints of originality and ingenuity. Now I build my own website, design layouts and convey ideas through blogposts, consistently.

All I want to do for the rest of my life is create. I want to create content in all types, shapes and forms, whether it’s written word, vlogs, charts or photos, what matters the most to me is to promote the things I love and find useful, and hope others find the same use in them as I do.

And of course, the more, the merrier.

To end this post on a high note, keep in mind this quote from Tim Ferriss : “The question you should be asking isn’t, “What do I want?” or “What are my goals?” but “What would excite me?”.

His book is full of such motivational and inspirational clues and lessons, words who’ve changed the lives of many.

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