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How I went from 0 to 115,000 impressions in less than 3 months on Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing digital platforms in the world. Founded in 2010, Pinterest accounts for 250 million monthly users, with nearly 50% of them being based in the US.

What that tells us is that the platform is still growing, but isn’t growing as much internationally.

Most foreign companies fail to get the best of this unicorn, despite the very encouraging numbers.

pinterest users chart

How many people in the US use Pinterest you asked ? Here’s what eMarketer had to say.

It is reported that 40% of Pinners have a Household Income of $100k+. Furthermore, it is recorded that 87% of Pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest, I definitely fall in that category.

If those numbers weren’t enough, he’s a fact that will make you start your own Pinterest business page : Pinterest reaches 83 percent of US women aged 25-54, huge numbers !

Now that we got your attention, how does one go from being basically invisible to reaching tens of thousands of people ?

Well, that’s what we’re here for.

Step 1 – Create a Pinterest Business account

Recent pin reach on Pinterest

A business account is free and allows you to claim your website, your e-shop or your blog, which ultimately gives you more visibility, enhances your authority and drives more traffic to your page.

A business account must carry the business’s name, logo and mission statement, as it is part of your branding strategy and of course, identity.

Step 2 – Set up your boards

Finding which boards are relevant to your business can be tricky.

Pinterest is part of your brand now, and although the content you will be using on the platform may differ from the one you use on the likes of Facebook and LinkedIn, relevance remains fundamental.

With that being said, building boards isn’t difficult if your strategy is already clear. Boards expose your core values, principles as well as your brand’s identity.

Case in point, say you’re an organic food producer. Your goal here isn’t to solely promote your own products but to rep your industry as a whole. Pinterest allows you to spread the word and to convey everything your product stands for.

Step 3 – Create the adequate content

Content is and will always be king in Digital Marketing. But the content you post in a blog wouldn’t have the same echo on Twitter, Quora or Pinterest.

It is vital to adopt a predetermined strategy to grow your brand in the consumer’s psyche, with a homogenous color code, visual identity, mission statement and logo.

Video is slowly making its way to Pinterest, but we aren’t there yet. So the main idea as of August 2019 is to create lots of Pins and to distribute them following a strategic procedure, which is usually defined by your Digital Marketing team or consultants.

Pinterest helps brands push their best and most creative Ad campaigns to attract new traffic, a specialized and targeted traffic that is comparatively rich.

Step 4 – Stay consistent

Like every other major marketing campaign, it is crucial to be consistent with your delivery and to be active constantly.

The market waits for no one, so in order to be on top and to gain in visibility, the best advice here is to create as quality content as possible and to keep it turning.

The idea here is to automate most of it. Content creation may take a lot of time, but content distribution, with the help of the likes of Buffer, Quuu Promotions and such, is vital but relatively easy, if set properly.

Add your charts, posters and banners to the queue and let their programs take care of the rest.

However, while everyone is used and familiar with those programs (often used in synch with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn), the most vital and indispensable program here is Tailwind. Unless you’ve been active on Pinterest, Tailwind may not have crossed your path before this post, which makes sense.

Made to connect with most Social Media accounts, Tailwind’s wealth resides in its “Tribes“, which are the equivalent of Facebook’s groups. Being part of a tribe allows Pinners to distribute content to huge crowds, and to grab the attention of their peers in select industries.

Tailwind will help your post consistently and continuously through its programmed-posts feature.

So, how did I go from 0 to 115,000 impressions in less than 3 months ?

Pinterest Impressions Evolution
Pinterest Impressions

Well, I applied all these steps. I set up a Business Page, I created my boards, so much content that I’ve literally lost count and most importantly, I remained consistent. There is no secret.

I have yet to pay a dime for all the organic traffic I got.

Pinterest Ads

I hope this post will help newbies like me build a bigger following and enjoy the fruits of massive trafic through Adsense, Affiliation programs and more.

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