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My name is Teekay Merah and I’m a digital-native generation-next Webmarketer, Social Media expert and growth hacker.

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As a lifelong tech-enthusiast and learner, I take pride in excelling at what I do and hope my work encourages others to do the same.

Having had the chance to work within International Organizations, privately-held companies and startups around the world, I have learned to take collaborative work seriously to achieve organizational goals. I am a firm believer that collective goals are above individual ones thus always putting team and business agenda before my own. I love being solicited and I genuinely value not just my work but others’ ideas and expertise.


World travel

I’ve had the opportunity to live in several countries around the globe, thus making adaptability and astuteness my best allies. Travel has helped improve my coping mechanisms significantly, making me a zen and stress-free individual.

My points of view can be distinguishable, but I’ve come to realize different can be innovative, and innovation is the mother of progress.

I am constantly seeking new ways to learn and grow. Being fervently curious about marketing as a whole and online marketing specifically has helped me develop a great palet of skills. My multicultural background helped shape that as well.

I evaluate success based on outcomes. It’s not always the path you take to achieve success that matters, rather, it’s quantifiable results.

In Numbers

Additionally, with over 38 000 monthly users on my Pinterest account, 100 000 answer views on Quora and over 7 100 followers on Instagram, I am no stranger to building and sustaining a high level of online engagement, creating interactive content and social media management as a whole.

Find out more about me through my Social Media accounts or get in touch via email.

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