Artists are fascinating

My girl is my favorite artist of them all.

She can dance, draw, paint, she’s very handy and often makes amazing stuff out of thin air !

Some people were just born with that extra something, you know ?

I love simpin’ over her paintings and graffiti art, shit is truly mesmerizing.

Check this one out:

Echo by Mandy Rezeau-Merah, AKA Fuge

Pretty dope, innit ?

I would’ve loved to be so crafty. I mean, can you imagine being so deft that you can literally transcribe your imagination into amazing graffiti ?

Bruh !

I used to draw a lot as a kid, but then quickly grew out of it as I discovered the outdoors.

Being outdoorsy is cool but it’s hella time consuming fam !

I’ve noticed how most people from my generation know all the cartoons and series, always reminisce about their favorite shows and shit.

So, besides having always been an outsider, I’ve also never truly connected with my peers on that level. I spent most of my time outside, either climbing trees, riding bikes or kicking a ball.

The indoors was never for me, till now.

We all change I guess, don’t we ?

Here’s another one of my girl’s favorite creations:

ACAB by Fuge

Peace !

We meet people for a reason

We meet people for a reason

We meet people for a reason.

Some will hurt you, others will build you up.

Some will help you grow, others will drain you.

Learn how to let go of those who don’t serve your wellbeing, don’t hold on to things and people out of sheer habit, learn how to value yourself and your time.

As a rule of thumb, I only hang out with those who recognize and understand my worth, friends who truly value my time and my presence.

It’s all about self-worth, fam.

Living in contrast 

Contrast is so important man !

Not just in photography, but in life in general.

Hear me out.

The fact that some days SUCK ASS is the reason why the good days are so cherished, don’t you think ?

I mean, it’s only normal for some days to suck, life on earth was never meant to be easy, it’s just a test.

Life is also all about change. We change, the world around us changes, nature is constantly changing. We evolve forward (and backwards), and the only constants in this life are time and love !

The contrast between our best and our worst days helps us magnify the good things that happen to us.

I think that’s beautiful !

As beautiful as our fading bad memories and our ability to forget.

Can you imagine a life where you’d remember all the bad things that’ve ever happened to you ? Bruh !

No man can handle that many memories, so be thankful for your ability to forget, it’s a true blessing !

Also, here’s a memory I never want to forget, from a trip to Kenya ❤

Trip to Kenya

I love Instagram

Instagram can and has helped so many youngsters make money, real money !

Instagram gave me a platform to express myself unlike any other platform since MySpace and Skyblog.

Although I’ve always loved blogging, Instagram gave “documenting” a whole new meaning: documenting through real life pictures.

I grew up in a family that wasn’t very artistic.

I barely have any pictures from my childhood. My parents had an old camera but only used it for special occasions.

As such, I was never really exposed to photography till my teen years.

But then shit CLICKED ! It clicked instantly !

When I got my first phone, I took pictures of everything ! I loved following my friends around with a camera at hand, I loved macro photography, printing photos and drawing over them (yeah, weird) etc.

I used to post lots of pictures on Hi5 and Skyblog. Captioning was also super fun for me back then !

Facebook also brought the best out of me. I got my first proper camera, a Nikon 7200D or something in 2010 and it was a game changer !

Instagram wasn’t around back then, but you could feel something was cooking in that sense, cause Facebook just wasn’t cutting it for photographers.

Fast forward a couple of years, I opened my IG and the rest is just wild !

At some point I was posting twice to three times a day !

Instant gratification is a crazy phenom’ dawg !

I just LOVED the feeling of sharing pictures of my travels with people. I loved the likes, the comments. I simply loved the fact something I created was appreciated by people I’ve never met in my life.

A creator’s high is addictive.

Instagram has evolved a lot throughout the years. The rise of stories and DMs was also a whole different ball game.

The ephemeral side of IG stories is what made them so special.

2016/2017 was the season in which I posted the most. I was posting 5 to 6 stories plus 1 to 2 posts A DAY ! I used to spend so many hours editing, coming up with captions and taking pictures.

It was a fun time I ain’t even gon’ front !

I enjoyed the heck out of it, but it was draining, and not just physically.

It’s mentally draining to be constantly seeking instant gratification and compliments, it fucks with your mental health HEAVY.

So I took a big break from it all in 2018.

At first it was supposed to be temporary, but then I just lost the need for validation. I learned how to enjoy life on the sidelines, how to be alone.

A friend of mine once summed up my mindset perfectly. He said “vivons bien, vivons cachés“, which roughly translates to “to lived happily requires one to keep things private”, or “secluded life is the happiest” (English proverb).

Thanks Luc !

Instagram is such a powerful tool if you know how to use it to your advantage. Don’t waste it !