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Artists are fascinating

My girl is my favorite artist of them all. She can dance, draw, paint, she’s very handy and often makes amazing stuff out of thin air ! Some people were just born with that extra…

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We meet people for a reason

We meet people for a reason. Some will hurt you, others will build you up. Some will help you grow, others will drain you. Learn how to let go of those who don’t serve your…

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To Covid or not to Covid

I mean, with everything going on in the world right now, I decided to voice a rather unpopular (and informed) opinion about Covid vaccines: I personally don’t care whether people are vaxxed or not, I…

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Living in contrast 

Contrast is so important man ! Not just in photography, but in life in general. Hear me out. The fact that some days SUCK ASS is the reason why the good days are so cherished, don’t…

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I love Instagram

Instagram can and has helped so many youngsters make money, real money ! Instagram gave me a platform to express myself unlike any other platform since MySpace and Skyblog. Although I’ve always loved blogging, Instagram…

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