How minimalism and slow-living can enhance your happiness

Yo, another article about minimalism ?

Well, not exactly. Instead of going at this in a classic post, Imma try a different way: bullet points.

EVERYONE’s got time to read bullet points !

So, here’s a breakdown of my philosophy:

On a practical level,

  • Less stuff usually means
  • Less money spent, which also means
  • Less time spent shopping, which in turn means
  • Less need for MORE money.

Less stuff also means

  • Less time looking for stuff (phone, wallet, keys..), which leads to less decision fatigue. It also means
  • Less time spent on maintenance and cleaning (Floor, closet, doing laundry, washing piled up dishes and utensils)

Owning less stuff quickly translates into more fulfillment and appreciation:

  • You start enjoying what you have a lot more (less choice = more appreciation for what we have, ask your grandparents), it also means
  • More space, because your home now feels more spacious, cleaner, comfortable..notice how the best spas, hotels, yoga farms all have one thing in common: a minimalistic look and feel? It’s no coincidence, clutter wears us out.

Having less stuff also means

  • You now can be more lazy, since there’s nothing to clean up, declutter or “take care of”.


  • The stuff that surrounds us is often a distraction to our peace. Achieving inner peace starts with decluttering the spaces we spend most time in. Get rid of all the junk sitting around and you’ll literally feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

On a personal level, owning less translates into:

  • Seeking less validation from others. When you stop filling voids with stuff and addressing your problems and insecurities, outside validation stops making sense and becomes irrelevant. 
  • The less you own, the less you’ll feel the need to compare yourself to others.
  • The less you compare yourself to others, the less you care what others think of you.
  • The less you care what others think of you, the less you need to boast.


  • The less you own, the more time you have to pay attention to your loved ones and their wellbeing. Caring for other is important as it helps us find balance and steer clear of narcissism and self-absorption.
  • Owning less also means you can focus on more. Now that you have more time off, you can start conquering new grounds, getting out of your comfort zone and experiencing new things.

On a practical level, owning less and shopping less will leave you with:

  • More free time to do whatever you want and
  • Your home is now almost always ready to receive guests !

On an ethical and moral levels,

  • The less stuff you consume, the less exploitation and waste, which is great for the environment
  • Extra points if you love thrifting and vintage clothing !

Last but not least, on a neurological level,

  • Less stuff, decluttered and organized spaces boost creativity and productivity 
  • Owning less also increases mental clarity, hence my podcast btw (shameless plug)

All in all, marketing (and most importantly neuromarketing) and advertising are two extremely powerful tools, tools that can make ANYONE act irrationally.

Been there, done that !

The yearning for validation, acceptance and gratification is addictive and can easily degrade your mental health, your financial situation and your overall wellbeing.

Slow Living and minimalism, aka eco-essentialism, will save you from overt consumerism and all its rather evident pitfalls.

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