What to get a minimalist on a special occasion ? 

Gift-giving used to be fun.

Used to.

Gifts became customary as an expression of friendship, neighbourliness and peace between nations. It used to be a meaningful exchange of somewhat useful stuff.

Things’ve changed though.

Gift-giving quickly became something many of us dread. Even more so if you’re a mindful-eco-essentialist, aka a minimalist

When I first became a minimalist, I became so much more aware of all the things I was buying.

I refrained from buying so many things that used to feel “essential” but weren’t at all.

As I eased into this lifestyle, I learned how to make minimalism my own.

As time went buy, being a mindful consumer became second nature. Buying stuff wasn’t part of who I was anymore, quite the opposite actually.

Just like veganism, most people think minimalists deprive themselves from the things they once loved. 


We just refocused our attention and energy on the things that truly matter, things that bring us happiness and FULFILLMENT. 

Consumerism is an addiction, a way we all use to fill the void in us. 

As a minimalist (or mindful-eco-essentialist), I don’t need to fill that void with stuff anymore, cause it ain’t there. 

Instead of packing my life up with shit, I now deal with my problems at face value. 

Grown up shit. 

Anyway, so as I eased into minimalism, I stopped feeling the need for excessive shopping, excessive eating, excess in everything. 

My minimalism soon turned into mindful consumerism, and then into mindful-eco-essentialism.

I still call it minimalism, but like I said in this post, the current terminology doesn’t do this exceptional movement and lifestyle justice. 

Anyway, back to the main topic. Here’s a list of gift ideas for your minimalist friends:

  1. Minimalists (myself at least) love experiencing new things and adventures. Take your minimalist friends and/or loved ones somewhere they’ve always wanted to go. It could be a trampoline park, a museum, a hike, an amusement park, whatever. Minimalists collect memories so this would defo make their day(s)
  2. Get them tickets to an expo, museum, spa. Entertaining a minimalist ain’t that hard, just do your research
  3. Food. Everybody loves food, so find what the giftee’s food preferences are and surprise them with their favorite snacks/dish/cakes/fruits
  4. Plane/train/boat tickets. We all love going places so if you’re about that life, a plane ticket could go a long way 
  5. Money. The safest choice of them all. We can all do with a bit of extra cash
  6. A replacement for something they’ve been complaining about. It could be a pair of socks, an ergonomic beanbag, a set of AirPods, a leakproof travel tumbler (or lay-flat water bottle), it all depends on your means and what said person truly needs
  7. Plants. I’d swap all my stuff with plants if I could. Plants add life to a room, they’re like cute, SILENT and barf-free little babies. Plants are awesome dawg !
  8. Printed photos of your adventures together. In the age of digital, some minimalists love being analog. Classic prints are awesome
  9. I love lectures and conferences, so if anyone were to get me free tickets to a lecture about a topic I care about, I’d be over the moon !
  10. Gas gift cards: gas is so expensive nowadays so if your minimalist friend owns a car, you know what to do !
  11. A handwritten note. The best gift I ever got from the wifey was a handwritten note expressing her love towards me. Works for friends too
  12. And on that same note (pun unintended), postcards. Extra points in you live abroad 🤩

Last but not least, do not, and I repeat, DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES gift a minimalist clothes, utensils, shoes, trinkets, decorations or ANYTHING they haven’t asked for. 

We hate stuff, really, we hate stuff more than anything.