Life in Bordeaux

One of my latest podcast episodes touched on the difficulties most of us come up against when looking for a place to rent out.

I spoke about the current state of the banking system, the real estate business and landlords.

The whole talk came from a buildup in frustration as we’ve been looking to move to a new place for some time now.

That said, and by God’s grace and will, we have FINALLY found a spot that fit our expectations, here in Bordeaux !

Better yet, we officially moved into it on our 1 year anniversary !

It’s unfurnished (thank God!), with tall windows and high ceilings, which defo give it a certain cachet. The kitchen is amazing too.

Here’s what our sitting area looks like right now:

The icing on the cake would be the unexpected backyard, where I’m (Tee) likely to be spending a lot of time learning how to grow fruits and veggies on my own ^^

Faith is a powerful thing, mayn. Put your faith in God, do your part and things will definitely work out for the best.

Beyond grateful !


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