Waterfall in the french Pyrenees

How to ace your hiking trip in the Pyrenees

The Pyrenees form a high wall between France and Spain.

Such an beautiful region with so much to see.

Between the sensational hiking trails, lakes and all the wild animals, ranging from wild bears, hostile mountain nannies (goats), wolves to a whole bunch of grazing cows, the French (and Spanish) Pyrenees are a hiker’s place to be.

A few pics from our trips there.

Looking forward to our next trip there !

Life in Bordeaux

One of my latest podcast episodes touched on the difficulties most of us come up against when looking for a place to rent out.

I spoke about the current state of the banking system, the real estate business and landlords.

The whole talk came from a buildup in frustration as we’ve been looking to move to a new place for some time now.

That said, and by God’s grace and will, we have FINALLY found a spot that fit our expectations, here in Bordeaux !

Better yet, we officially moved into it on our 1 year anniversary !

It’s unfurnished (thank God!), with tall windows and high ceilings, which defo give it a certain cachet. The kitchen is amazing too.

Here’s what our sitting area looks like right now:

The icing on the cake would be the unexpected backyard, where I’m (Tee) likely to be spending a lot of time learning how to grow fruits and veggies on my own ^^

Faith is a powerful thing, mayn. Put your faith in God, do your part and things will definitely work out for the best.

Beyond grateful !