30 Stories on Medium in 30 days

2023 is the year I decided to start writing again. Like, everyday !

My goal this year is to post 5 Medium stories every week till my birthday (December 31st).

So far, I managed to publish 31 stories, and I have about 120 more in my notes. February isn’t even over yet (yeah, crazy !).

Just like with my podcast, I want to keep inspiring as many people as I possibly can before I leave this dimension.

My content is mostly timeless or evergreen, except for a few pieces here and there, so I’m pretty sure it will remain relatable for a very long time.

Also, I write a lot more about minimalism and van-living on there.

Of course I still write about my own adventures, but I always twist them to be more than just stories.

That’s the one thing I want from my content. I’m done writing on trends, I now only create to remain relevant FOREVER !

Check out my blog on Medium guys, you’re going to LOVE it !

Peace !

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