PSA: Join Me on Medium, My Best Stories are There !

Having just published 50+ stories in less than 3 months on Medium, I wanted to invite you guys to read my JUCIEST stories on there.

I published several pieces on my 5+ year journey as a minimalist, my international travel adventures and stories, how to live a purposeful life and life as a van-lifer.

For those of you wondering, I will definitely keep this blog up and will try to publish stories on here too. However, this year I challenged myself to write an article/day till December 31st (on Medium), and so far I think I can totally pull it off.

In fact, I’ve already written 170 new stories in my notes. Not too shabby.

Here is a link to my Medium page:

You can also support me by becoming a member on Medium, which gives you unlimited access to ALL the articles and publications on this amazing platform. You can join through THIS link.

Later !

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