Living in contrast 

Contrast is so important man !

Not just in photography, but in life in general.

Hear me out.

The fact that some days SUCK ASS is the reason why the good days are so cherished, don’t you think ?

I mean, it’s only normal for some days to suck, life on earth was never meant to be easy, it’s just a test.

Life is also all about change. We change, the world around us changes, nature is constantly changing. We evolve forward (and backwards), and the only constants in this life are time and love !

The contrast between our best and our worst days helps us magnify the good things that happen to us.

I think that’s beautiful !

As beautiful as our fading bad memories and our ability to forget.

Can you imagine a life where you’d remember all the bad things that’ve ever happened to you ? Bruh !

No man can handle that many memories, so be thankful for your ability to forget, it’s a true blessing !

Also, here’s a memory I never want to forget, from a trip to Kenya ❤

Trip to Kenya

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