To Covid or not to Covid

I mean, with everything going on in the world right now, I decided to voice a rather unpopular (and informed) opinion about Covid vaccines: I personally don’t care whether people are vaxxed or not, I don’t.

However, I find it kinda strange that we’re all coerced to put a foreign biological preparation into our healthy bodies, no questions asked or else we don’t deserve some of our most basic human rights ?

Don’t you find that a bit weird?

Hear me out, I’m actually pro-vax.

Having always moved countries, my family and I are have been vaxxed more than the average person.

Case in point, if you’ve never left certain parts of Europe or North America, you may have never been vaxxed against the yellow fever. Yellow fever vaccines aren’t mandatory in many western countries.

But I have, and I’m glad that I did.

That’s just one example.

What I find weird about covid vaccines is all the propaganda and misinformation surrounding them. I hate that health matters and now being politicized it is. They shouldn’t be.

Same goes for topics like climate change. It shouldn’t be a right of left issue, it’s JUST an issue.

Anyway, I do understand that getting the shot may boost your immune system, help reduce the spread of this damned virus, decreases the chances of new mutations etc, what I don’t get is vaccine passports and vaccine mandates.

It’s even less comprehensive when you look at the potential risks and safety issues.

That being said, I may get vaxxed at some point, but long as I can do without, I won’t. Not because I’m anti-vax, not because I’m right or left-leaning, but rather because I don’t feel like I need it, nor do most HEALTHY people my age.

I think that makes perfect sense, don’t you ?

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