Is climate change real ? A closer look at climate change denial

This blogpost serves as a reminder that we don’t always need the media, political figures and “science” to tell us what to think.

I mean, we live in the age of misinformation and fake news anyway.

Everything is blown out of proportion, all the time, so I understand those who are skeptical about everything cause sometimes that’s the only way one can keep their sanity and free thinking.

We demonize people for the smallest mishaps, we cancel them, we go at each other’s throats online for no real reason..

Incivility is rampant, but that’s beside the point of this post.

  • What we need right now

Perhaps what we need right now is to be more understanding, to use sensible reasoning and think for ourselves.

What we need is to collectively take a step back from the ongoing noise and assess what we see and feel, not what we’re bombarded with by the media 24/7, 365.

  • So climate change, is it real ?

Well, first let’s drop in some facts:

👉 We’re in the midst of the worst drought in the Horn of Africa since records began
👉 We’re in the midst of the worst drought in China since records began
👉 We’re currently in the midst of the worst drought the USA has known in the past 1.200 years
👉 Europe is going through its worst drought in 500 years

Those are facts, not opinions.

Unfortunately, blistering heatwaves ran rampant in the continent where I’m currently based, Europe, in the past few months.

The same can be said about many other places on earth.

Given how things stand right now, everything leads me to believe that a catastrophe is around the corner.

If you look at the the Jialing River in Chongquing, a major tributary of the Yangtze (China), you realize that it’s partially dried up, following weeks of extreme heat.

The same can be said about rivers and lakes in France, rivers that I used to hang out at just last summer.

Besides, we’ve seen so many untamable wildfires this summer, too many to count: Spain, Portugal, France, Italy..

The same thing is happening in North Africa.

Pretty safe to say, biodiversity is crumbling all around the world.

  • So, what to do about it ?

Well, it all depends on the type of people we are.

We can either wait till we all die, or we could start making some serious changes to our respective lifestyles AND impose restrictions and sanction the biggest polluters.

Private Jets, Yachts, Golf courses, Olympic-size swimming pools, these privileges need to stop, at least for a little while, if we want our planet to survive.

You don’t have to be “republican” or “democrat” to see things for what they are, this has NOTHING to do with politics, it has everything to do with survival.

If you don’t want to believe reports from the media, it’s fine, I don’t either, so talk to people, talk to the elderly, talk to your friends.

I’m lucky enough to have friends all over the world, and not a single one of them tells me things are just like they used to be.

There are so many environmental disruptions all across the globe, so many droughts, from Iraq to Italy, to China, to Kenya.

  • The cuprit ?

Maybe it’s capitalism, maybe it’s greed, maybe it’s collective carelessness, selfishness ?

Or maybe it’s all of the above !

Our planet is running out of clean water. People are literally DYING of hunger and thirst.

Industrialization and hyperconsumerism are a direct cause for that.

  • What to do ?

The collective will always prevail over individual changes

So what we need is to collectively give up on our old ways and start learning about sustainability, pollution

We have to start looking at the way we consume, what we buy and who we’re buying it from.

We don’t have to give up on living for things to work out, we just have to adapt, to change.

The solutions to our problems have more to do with mindfulness than they do with technology.

Of course technology has to step in to improve many things, but first, let’s cut out on all the unnecessary impulse buys, watch our consumption, learn how to live in harmony with each other and NATURE, push for a global change and promote sustainable habits.

Let’s be mindful of what we do and how we live, individually and collectively.

It really doesn’t take much more than that for things to go back to how they used to be.

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